Official Launch Day!

Official Launch Day!

Today marks our official launch game as we take on a combined SANDS United All-star team consisting of players form across the country.

The match takes place at St Albans Rugby and Football Club, in Tremorfa Cardiff and promises to be a great day. With a BBQ and disco planned following the match, it should be a fun family day, as well as a very emotional experience for those taking part.

From our humble beginnings back at the start of the year, with our first meeting of interested parties on 27th March, 1st training session on the 30th, and 1st match on the 2nd April, it’s incredible to see how much this team has grown over those short months.

Whilst things have gone from strength to strength on the pitch, its behind the scenes where this group has really been thriving.

The support each and every member of the squad shows each other is just astounding. To see how close the group has grown together – always there for one another if someone’s having an off day, the comfort available when you need a pick me up. Its genuinely amazing to have built up such a wonderful support mechanism for all of us to carry on coming to terms with our loses.

So today, at out official launch, we step onto the field as one. Our Angels – though never far from our thoughts are today brought even closer as we play with their names across our hearts.

Thank you to all who have helped this club become what it has.

Special thanks to our visitors who travel to Cardiff to support us at this event. There may be a few SANDS United teams involved, and we may be on different sides of the pitch, but we are One. We are SANDS UNITED.